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Edge Profiles

Select the perfect edge for your kitchen counters.

Choosing the right edge for your kitchen counters is the design detail that elevates the space. It goes beyond aesthetic. You may think that this element can be easily overlooked, but it will make a big difference to how your kitchen will look and function.

We want your kitchen or bathroom makeover to go just as you planned and envisioned it.

Consider these things when selecting an edge profile for your counters:

  • Safety – As one of the busiest hubs in your home, so much life happens in your kitchen. If you have toddlers who like spending time with you while you cook, you’ll benefit from the safety and comfort that rounded edges provide.
  • Style – With regards to style, mitered and square edges are the most popular options. The clean, straight lines create a contemporary, “barely-there” look, while rounded edges are a bit more wholesome. But they are safer for children and easier to clean.
  • Purpose – You want a kitchen that’s efficient, spacious, and organized. Picking the right edge is a completely personal choice, and should be based on how you work in the kitchen. The layout of your kitchen should also be an important consideration.

Follow our guide when choosing the right edge for your counters.

If you need further guidance, schedule an appointment with our designers and drop by our showroom. They’ll be happy to help you make a smart choice.