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Important Storage Areas in a Kitchen Remodel

There are several potential benefits of quality kitchen cabinets in your home, and perhaps the single biggest here is storage. Not only will the right cabinets tie together themes originated by countertops as part of your custom remodel, they will provide your space with all the storage needed for regular kitchen activities.

At Accent Interiors, we’re proud to offer a wide range of custom kitchen cabinetry, made only form the highest-quality materials. What are some of the top storage formats generally used in a kitchen? We’ll go over several here, including some that coordinate well with our cabinet choices plus a few others that all kitchen owners have to consider during any kitchen remodel.

Corner Storage

For starters, corner cabinets and other storage methods are vital for any modern kitchen. In previous generations, corners may have been high-hassle areas during a kitchen remodel, with difficulty of access and struggles building cabinets that are both deep and flexible enough to really do the job.

Today, though, this is no concern. Corner storage is an important mainstay of any kitchen, and we have several options to assist you here, including the lazy Susan or Super Susan for optimal access.

Tray Dividers

In some cases, tray dividers will just be placed in an area above the oven or fridge. In others, they will be installed into specific wall cabinets somewhere in the kitchen.

Either way, these dividers are great for those who cook and bake often. They hold all of your trays, sheets, cutting boards and other flat items in one convenient area, rather than you being forced to stack these up somewhere on your countertops and risk a mess or even damage.

Sink Storage Areas

We have a number of custom sinks in our catalog, and we’re also happy to assist with related sink storage areas. From simple items like tilt-out trays to under-sink cabinets that will stand the test of time in this well-used area, we have you covered.

Cutlery Drawer

One quick way to scratch or etch your granite or quartz countertop? By storing utensils lazily, whether in containers on the counter or loosely in drawers. This practice will lead to less care with utensils in general, and before long people in your home will be simply tossing them on countertops willy-nilly and risking damage. Instead, organize a clean, simple utensil drawer that allows you quick access and also protects your materials.

Trash and Recycling Area

Finally, all kitchens need a robust trash and recycling area that’s insulated from the rest of the kitchen space. A waste cabinet is by far the most popular choice here, allowing you to pull out trash and recycling bins briefly but then conceal their odors and appearance at all other times.

For more on the important storage areas to consider within any kitchen remodel, or to learn about how our custom countertops or other products will benefit you here, speak to the staff at Accent Interiors.