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Texture Factors in Countertops and Kitchen Remodels, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the basics of “texture” within any kitchen remodel. This broad concept, which refers to mixing things up and keeping the eyes busy from an aesthetic standpoint, is valuable within several areas of custom kitchen remodeling projects and other interior design areas.

At Accent Interiors, we provide a wide range of kitchen countertops, edge profiles and much more for your kitchen remodel. In today’s blog, we’ll go over a few additional tips when it comes to adding the proper levels of texture to your kitchen countertops and the entire space as a whole.

Beadboard Panels

Particularly in cases where you’re considering installing an island or a peninsula, one with a raised bar area, beadboard panels can be extremely beneficial for texture. They’re considered finishing pieces, those that can add some detail to a surface that might otherwise be relatively flat and monochrome.

These panels, which will be easily viewed from the side or really anywhere but the countertop itself, are perfect for adding some vertical texture. Rather than plain sides that offer little other than blank surface, you can use tile patterns and other design formats to make this space interesting and engaging to the eyes.

Finish Types

Another vital part of any kitchen remodel is the cabinets, and choosing one of a couple different finish types can bring extreme results from a texture standpoint. There are a couple good options here:

  • Distressed cabinets: Cabinets with varying colors and strong, heavy brush strokes that make them appear very similar to wood.
  • Glazed cabinets: Slightly less dramatic details and edges that help bring dimension and raise cabinet edges a bit so they’re more noticeable. Suddenly, instead of being more blank space for the eyes to settle on, cabinets stand out and have texture.

Lighting, Sink and Other Details

Finally, maybe the best way to ensure your kitchen isn’t devoid of texture is paying attention to the details. Every element of the kitchen space is a chance to make an aesthetic impression, from broad areas like countertops and cabinets to smaller considerations like lighting fixtures, cabinet door features, sinks and others.

When you get into this realm, your options are virtually limitless. Maybe you go with a relatively minimalist cabinet style, but complement it with a textured farmhouse sink or another eye-drawer to help even things out. Or perhaps you go the other way, keeping lighting and sink themes relatively simple while shooting for the stars with a highly-textured, distressed cabinet finish. The choice is all yours, and our pros are here to help if you have any questions.

To learn more about texture within a kitchen remodel, or for information on any of our custom countertop materials, speak to the pros at Accent Interiors today.