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Assessing Wood Options for New Cabinets

At Accent Interiors, we’re proud to offer high-quality cabinets made from several different materials, including solid wood. This is the most traditional style for cabinets, with a classic look and feel that really ties a kitchen or bathroom together.

As most of us know, wood originates from trees – but this is about where its common features end. There are a nearly endless variety of trees out there, and as a result there are numerous different grades of lumber and wood depending on factors like hardness, grain pattern, porosity, durability and others. How can you be sure you’re getting quality wood for your cabinets? Here are some basics on your primary options here and which to choose.

Grade Options

There will generally be two broad grades of wood available for cabinets: Cabinet-grade wood, which is also sometimes called construction-grade wood, and furniture-grade wood. To the naked eye of someone who has never dealt with cabinet grades before, these might seem identical.

But close inspection reveals several ways they’re different – and the one you prefer is furniture-grade wood. At Accent Interiors, all our high-quality wood products are made with furniture-grade wood, and we will not accept a lower standard. Our next couple sections will go over the issues with cabinet-grade wood and the benefits of sticking with furniture-grade.

Issues With Cabinet-Grade

Cabinet-grade wood is rated strongly enough to be built into cabinets, but that’s about the limit of its qualities. It is far softer than furniture-grade options, for starters, which means it’s much more susceptible to dings, dents, scratches, warping and all other kinds of physical damage. Even if you pay less for it up front, these concerns will lead to additional costs over time.

And on top of this, cabinet-grade wood cabinets are worse when it comes to dealing with moisture issues as well. They do not do well at all with any kind of leak or moisture damage, and this may impact their ability to be refaced in the future. And worst of all, many cabinet-grade wood products are really just frauds – they’re dressed up to look like furniture-grade wood on the outside, but in reality it’s just a veneer and it’s cabinet-grade wood underneath.

Benefits of Furniture-Grade

On the flip side, furniture-grade wood is the high-quality option your home needs. It refers to tighter planks with better wood grains (or often very little grain whatsoever), plus more durable options that will last for years and years. You’ll pay a bit more up front, but these sums will be cancelled out quickly due to limited maintenance or repair needs.

For more on why you should always opt for furniture-grade wood over cabinet-grade wood when it comes to your cabinets, or for information on any of our granite or quartz countertops, speak to the staff at Accent Interiors today.