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When to Choose New Cabinets Over Refacing

If you’re taking part in a partial kitchen remodel with the countertops as your primary area of change, you might be considering refacing your cabinets to save some time and money. This process involves upgrading current cabinets to fit with a new countertop scheme, and it can work for many remodeling situations.

However, as the pros at Accent Interiors are here to tell you, refacing cabinets isn’t always possible. There are several situations that will dictate new custom cabinets, including several where this choice is simply far more affordable and hassle-free than attempting to reface. Let’s go over a few of these situations, plus why going with our new custom cabinets makes the most sense in these scenarios.

Cheap Cabinets

The most common reason why cabinets cannot be refaced is that they were simply cheap or poorly installed. This can happen when you move into an older home. Many cabinets in these kinds of home swill be made with cheap, compressed particle boards and structural supports that simply cannot undergo the process of refacing without major damage risks. Many cabinet refacers will simply refuse to work with these materials.

Full Layout Change

As we alluded to above, refacing cabinets is generally about allowing them to maintain roughly the same configuration within the room in question, but adjusting them to a new countertop design. But if you’re moving the kitchen or getting a completely new layout, you’re likely exceeding the capabilities of this process.

Cabinet boxes can only be refaced if they’re remaining in the same place – if you’re replacing their wall or mounting area, new cabinets will be needed. There will be many cases where some of your cabinets can be kept and refaced, while you purchase a few new ones to add to new areas.

Structural Issues

Even if cabinets aren’t old or cheap, they may have some structural damage issues that prevent them from being properly resurfaced. This might include rot, water damage, mold, swelling or even pest damage that has taken place to cabinets over the years. If the material is damaged at too high a level, refacing simply won’t make sense – or will be more expensive than just purchasing new cabinets for the remodel.

In addition, while it’s not a structural issue per se, metal cabinets generally cannot be refaced. They’re durable, but very tough to work with for this process.

Smell Problems

Finally, some cabinets build up a musty or simply terrible smell over a period of time. This is an area that just can’t be resolved through refacing – if you can’t find another way to mask or eliminate the odors, you’ll need all new cabinet materials to move forward.

For more on when new cabinets are needed and resurfacing won’t suffice, or to learn about any of our custom cabinet options, speak to the staff at Accent Interiors today.