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Cleaning and Maintaining Granite Countertops

For countertops in the kitchen or bathroom of your home, granite is often one of the best choices. Granite is a naturally beautiful product that’s durable and long-lasting, and granite countertops are some of our most popular products at Accent Interiors.

Another reason why granite is popular for countertops is that it’s very simple to clean. This does not mean, however, that you simply can do nothing and expect it to stay pristine – there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Let’s go over some basic tips for cleaning and maintaining your granite countertops.

Basic Cleaning

For basic daily or weekly cleaning, granite countertops respond best to a microfiber cloth. In many cases, even just a simple dry microfiber cloth will be all you need to perform basic cleaning tasks – you can simply rub the cloth gently across your countertop surfaces with no additional cleaning materials or liquids needed.

For basic spills or daily grime, simply wipe down the countertops once a day or as needed using only water and your microfiber cloth. If you regularly need to use more intense products to get your countertops clean, you could be doing something else wrong that needs to be addressed, and you could also be damaging your materials.

Weekly Residue Cleanup

Once a week, take a few minutes to wipe down your granite kitchen countertops with a clean, damp cloth. If needed for heavy residue or debris, add a very small quantity of soapy water. No matter what, avoid chemicals lie ammonia, bleach and any products that have solvents or caustics in them – this will remove the sealant of your granite countertop. Even if you think a stain or mess is particularly bad, never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can scratch, pit and etch your stone surface permanently.

Seasonal Maintenance

There are a few elements of seasonal maintenance to consider with granite countertops:

  • Since natural stone is porous, treat your surface with a protective cleaner regularly. This will fill in pores and repel spills.
  • To determine if a re-sealing is needed, splash a little water on the surface Wait to see whether the water sits in small, bead-like shapes, or whether it flows freely. If the water flows freely and does not bead up, this is a sign that you need a re-sealing.

For more on cleaning and maintaining granite countertops, or for any of our countertop services, speak to the pros at Accent Interiors today.