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Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

If you’re considering new cabinets for your bathroom kitchen remodel, custom cabinets are almost certainly the way to go. These options offer numerous advantages over the “cookie cutter” predetermined styles you’ll see in some showrooms, and as a homeowner looking for the best value possible, these advantages often make this an easy choice. 

At Accent Interiors, we have a wide range of custom cabinets available for you to choose from. Why should you prioritize these over preset cabinet options? Here are several specific benefits of custom choices.  

Total Control

Unlike preset options, which are what they are from a style and size standpoint, custom cabinet options are completely at your control. You can customize them to every feature of your home, from the wood and finish type to the hardware, effect and any other unique options you want included. Do you need an oversized cabinet for a unique kitchen nook? No problem. What about cabinets with customized handles to match the previous style of your kitchen? It’s a breeze. Whatever you desire in your cabinets, you can get it with customizable options. 

Maximizing Space

One great benefit of this customization ability is the way you can maximize space in a room you’re remodeling. With standard cabinet sizes, you’re limited here – you might be leaving significant space unused if your kitchen or bathroom has any abnormal dimensions like odd corners or deep nooks. 

In addition, the insides of cabinets can be crafted with your needs in mind. If you require a particular material or spatial design for functionality, this is no problem to create. 

Excellent Durability

Standard cabinet types are generally made in a warehouse on an assembly line, then stored until they’re ordered by a client. As we noted above, they’re made in standard sizes that might leave gaps or overlaps when they’re installed. Both these factors contribute to the durability and lifespan of these cabinets – they’re generally not made with the care and high-quality material of custom options, and worse yet, their inflexible nature causes them to wear down faster. 

Custom cabinet options, on the other hand, are extremely durable. They’re made by individual artisans using your specific measurements and requirements, designed to fit into your remodeled rooms perfectly and stand the test of time as a result. They can even be built and installed on location to get the perfect fit. 

Home Value

Finally, did you realize custom cabinets have a real effect on your home’s market value? Potential buyers view remodeled cabinetry as an investment, just like several other larger renovation projects. New features like these appeal to new buyers if you ever decide to sell, plus will generally up your property value for online resources. 

For more on why custom cabinets are the right way to go, or to learn about any of our bathroom or kitchen remodel services, speak to the pros at Accent Interiors today.