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Choosing Granite Countertop Edge Profiles

The devil is in the details, as they say, and details are a huge part of what makes a kitchen look great. For those considering granite countertops for their kitchen, selecting an edge profile is one such detail – and it might be more important than you think.

At Accent Interiors, we’re here to help with this and other vital decisions as you choose your custom countertop. Let’s look at a few common styles you’ll see for kitchen countertop edges, plus what kinds of themes these are good for.

Square, Standard Thickness

For the simple, minimalist kitchen, a basic 3cm square edge profile is often the way to go. You don’t necessarily need everything in the kitchen to pop individually – you need at least one element to stand out, and this is a design style where the countertops are a bit quieter while tile or other elements take center stage.

Square and Mitered

Most of the time, if you see a countertop that appears extra thick, that’s because it has a mitered edge. The thickness is standard size, either 2cm or 3cm, but the mitered frame around the sides makes the slab look thicker. This style is great if you’re looking to make countertops the focal point – it works well with both modern and traditional looks.

Eased and Mitered Edge

This is a style with a mitered stone top, a slightly eased edge, and rounded corners. Just the small change in the corners can really make a big difference – this style is generally best suited for a more modern look.

Square With Waterfall Edge

Another way to make countertops the center of attention is using a waterfall edge, which runs vertically down the surface.


The bullnose refers to a rounded edge detail that comes in a couple different styles, including a double bullnose. It’s perfect for a classic look in a more traditional kitchen.


Ogee is very similar to a bullnose – there is even a style called offset ogee bullnose. It’s also great for traditional, classic kitchens.

For more on picking edge profiles for your granite countertops, or to find out about any of our other kitchen or bathroom services, speak to the pros at Accent Interiors today.