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Remnant Program

Granite and Quartz Remnants

Nothing is wasted at Accent Interiors.

We keep the remnants of every countertop job and turn them into beautiful, functional slabs and pieces. We have the largest remnant yard in Utah where you can find an impressive array of natural stone pieces, a great choice for smaller projects.

Our remnant program is perfect for anyone seeking elegant and unique stone surfaces for vanities, hearths, mantles, tabletops, or window sills.

For your convenience, we’ve provided this page to let you view photos of the remnant pieces we have in stock, along with their dimensions, material type, and brand name.

The inventory is updated daily, but we advise you to call to confirm availability.

We offer granite and quartz remnants at prices comparable to pre-fabricated surfaces, but with better quality and thickness. Our prices start at $45 per square foot. We do, however, require a minimum order of $600 for natural stone and $800 for quartz and ultra-compact surfaces.

Browse our inventory or schedule a visit to our remnant yard to view the pieces in person.

If you’re working on a complete kitchen or bathroom makeover and you need a full slab, explore our selection of high-end granite and quartz countertops.

We’ll be happy to assist in your current and future projects.

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